Digging deep for Dove House: Sowdens team assemble

A comeback for a classic – It’s a Knockout for Dove House Hospice

If you’re old enough to remember It’s a Knockout, you’ll know that it takes grit, teamwork and dedication to take on the wonderfully wacky assault course. Luckily, we’ve got bags of that here at Sowdens.

If you’re drawing a blank, go ask your parents about the wet and wild games, obstacles and… occasional humiliation. Which we’re sure there will be lots of on Saturday 22 July 2023. And of course, we don’t mind the occasional bout of indignity – all in the name of a good cause!

Join us on the road to glory by chucking us a few quid

On Sat 22 July, the Sowdens team will assemble at Dove House, Chamberlain Rd, Hull, HU8 8DH in an attempt to become champions of the course and beat our 2019 third place position.

But we can’t be champions, without YOU. We’re hoping to raise £500 to help the charity continue to deliver incredible care within our communities.

Yes, it’s a cliché, but seriously, every penny will help Dove House do what they do best – and we want to raise as much as possible – even if it’s a couple of quid.

You can donate here – I’M FEELING GENEROUS

And in the meantime, check out who will be taking on the challenge…

Inflated egos? Never! Meet the fundraising dream team

We know what you’re thinking… who are these brave warriors from Sowdens, risking it all for a shot at eternal glory? Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but say hello to your Fierce Fundraisers all the same.

Andy ‘Ant-Man’ Lynch

Natural habitat: Head of Content
Fav way to energise: Metallica… volume 700!
Special Skill: He’ll talk his way out of anything.
Watch out for: Those long limbs will surely come in handy for something

Beth ‘Blazin’ Gray

Natural habitat: Senior Account Manager
Fav way to energise: Probs doing a marathon before the event!
Special Skill: Stamina, she just won’t settle for second best
Watch out for: She’ll go all out til the final whistle, hopefully in a blaze of glory

Ruby ‘Road House’ Keable

Natural habitat: Digital Account Manager
Fav way to energise: Iced latte (what do they put in those things?)
Special Skill: The ultimate team player
Watch out for: What poise, what grace… fooled you! She’s lethal

Louis ‘Laser’ Smith

Natural habitat: Print & Production Executive.
Fav way to energise: Channelling the god of rock.
Special Skill: Logistics, he’ll get things from A to B.
Watch out for: Just the man to see the finish line from way back and drag us there.

Daisy ‘Dynamite’ Robson

Natural habitat: Senior Project Manager
Fav way to energise: Just get her a frosty one at the finish line
Special Skill: Morale boosting
Watch out for: Light the spark and step away… Daisy’s cracking sense of humour will see us through

Polly ‘The Power’ Sowden

Natural habitat: Managing Director
Fav way to energise: Bungee jumping, paddle boarding, flying a plane… the usual
Special Skill: Pulling us together when the going gets tough
Watch out for: Like lightning she strikes! Will you even hear the thunder?

Chloe ‘Crush Em’ Chamberlain

Natural habitat: Digital Creative Manager
Fav way to energise: Power walks with the dogs
Special Skill: Chameleon
Watch out for: Move man, get out the way, Chloe’s got a competition to win

Rach ‘The Rocket’ Madden

Natural habitat: Senior Designer
Fav way to energise: Yorkshire Tea
Special Skill: A calm head at crunch times
Watch out for: Stand back, it’s blast-off to success when our Rach is in town

Paul ‘The Captain’ Sowden

Natural habitat: Co-Owner and Founder
Fav way to energise: Keepin’ it edgy
Special Skill: Wisdom and profound knowledge
Watch out for: All that experience has got to come in useful for something, er, right?

Laura ‘Livewire’ Elvin

Natural habitat: Designer
Fav way to energise: Hitting the gym
Special Skill: To quote Oasis, “she’s electric!”
Watch out for: You never know, just expect the unexpected

Supporting vital care in the community

For over 40 years, Dove House has been providing end-of-life care for people in Hull and East Yorkshire. Everything they do improves the quality of life for patients or goes towards supporting bereaved families. Every penny we raise will help Dove House carry on their essential work.

And it’s not the first time we’ve supported Dove House. Last year, our intrepid Senior Account Manager, Beth, joined forces with one of our clients to raise an incredible £10K+ for the charity. She trekked an impressive 24 miles in 12 hours – check out her Three Peak adventures here.

Fast forward to 2023, and we’re proud to say that It’s a Knockout will be our third CSR event of the year. Back in May, Polly and Beth volunteered to help at two Brownlee Foundation events (a cause founded by Olympic triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee), and Beth was in action again to take on the Hull Half marathon on behalf of Mrs Cawley’s Little Stars.

See how the team gets on…

You can follow our progress by keeping an eye on our latest news, or follow us on social media: Twitter: @Sowdens  | Instagram: @Sowdens  | Facebook: Sowden & Sowden  | LinkedIn: Sowden & Sowden

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