We don’t just create beautiful design; we create beautiful design that builds the desire to engage.

A creative design agency that delivers both style and substance.

At Sowden + Sowden, we believe in great, original design. But effective design is about much more than aesthetics: it can have a significant impact on how your customers connect and feel towards your brand. Therefore, our approach as a creative agency, whatever the service, is to develop design that has intent and ambition at the core – whether it’s a new brand, an advertising campaign, digital marketing or a website. By tapping into emotions and experimenting with different styles, approaches and techniques to creative design, our agency innovates and invents to bring you eye-catching design that helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Research, Strategy and Market Testing

To make a meaningful, tangible impact through visual design, you need to get under the skin of your target audience to uncover their needs, interests and aspirations. We’re a creative agency that puts your customers first, carrying out vital market research and testing to produce design that inspires, engages, and sticks in the mind.

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Branding, Campaign Concept and Content

Once we’ve got to know your target audience, the next stage of our approach as a creative agency is to come up with the Big Idea – the creative spark that sits at the heart of design concept. This is the theme that ties everything together, ensuring consistency across communications, that helps your message stand out.

Make your brand unmissable

Photography and illustration

As an award-winning creative design agency, our team are well-versed across all manner of design mediums and formats. Whether it’s inspiring lifestyle imagery that builds anticipation or an eye-catching graphic that generates excitement and energy, we ensure the design and messaging approaches always complement each other perfectly.

Get the perfect look for your business

Product Packaging and Development

Your packaging is the customer’s first impression of your product and brand before they’ve even opened the box. So, make sure it speaks volumes. No matter the product, our creative agency develops beautiful design that not only stands out on the shelves (or screen), but builds anticipation for an exceptional product experience.

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Print Management and Procurement

As a creative design agency who have been around for four decades, we believe print still has a firm place in today’s digital world. Whether you need content for a poster, livery, billboard or brochure, we’ve got the artists, designers and suppliers to get you the best results, for the best possible price.

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