Inventive and perceptive public relations that make your brand’s voice heard.

We’re a public relations agency that displays the right messages to the right people.

As an award-winning public relations agency, we work with businesses to find their voice in an increasingly noisy world. Our goal is to communicate your brand message, loud and clear, to the right people through the right mediums to create advocacy, drive engagement, raise awareness, and start conversations. And because we offer full-service marketing support too, we’ll identify the right audiences for your business, and then advise on the most effective channels to reach them. If you’re looking for a PR company to help you get your message out there, look no further than Sowdens.

News Generation and Media Relations

Getting your brand in front of the news media can generate unparalleled reach with captive audiences. As a public relations agency we’ll uncover your most press-stopping stories, and with 40 years’ experience we’ve built unrivalled relationships with some of the biggest publications and news outlets to help your brand make the headlines.

Reach the masses with attention-grabbing stories

Digital Outreach, Influencer Engagement and Blogging

Engaging with relevant influencers and creating a consistent stream of quality blog content can get you in front of the right people and add credibility and authority to your brand. We’ll identify the best influencers to connect with and craft content that keeps people coming back for more, ensuring everyone is satisfied.

Create loyal advocates through high-impact digital content

Copywriting, Press Releases and Feature Writing

Intuitive, high-quality writing is at the heart of successful PR campaigns. As a PR company we have in-house copywriters who act as brand journalists, sniffing out your most newsworthy stories and transforming them into exciting, memorable content that gets people talking about your business and increase brand awareness.

Get people talking about your brand

Award Entry Writing

Winning prestigious, high-profile awards is a great way to demonstrate your credibility and success. We’ll work with you to discover the most relevant and lucrative awards for your organisation, and use tried-and-tested storytelling techniques to craft irresistible entries that put your brand name at the top of the shortlist.

Build credibility to stand out from your competitors

Internal Communications

When it comes to public relations, it’s not just about making a good impression on your customers, you have to get your employees invested too. We’re a public relations agency who can devise compelling internal communications campaigns that capture hearts and minds, increasing productivity and engagement.

Boost productivity by keeping employees informed

Crisis PR and Reputation Management

The secret to effective crisis management lies in your response. As a PR company, we’ve seen it all, and so we understand how to help you take control of the crisis before it takes control of your business. You can count on us to craft the right message that will help you come out the other side unscathed.

Future-proof your brand and keep customers onside

Insights, Audits and Reporting

As a PR company who’ve been building brands through strategic public relations for four decades, we’ve got heaps of experience in adapting and enhancing content and news strategies to make the biggest impression on your target audience. We utilise a range of tools to unearth the very best insights for your organisation.

Enhance your communications with insight-grounded content