Isolation Nation

Adapting to the new normal, a message from our Director, Polly Sowden.

As we to adapt to our new reality, we begin to appreciate the little things in life more, the speed at which we operate and those daily events we once took for granted. And as we continue to live life in lockdown, we must remember that social distancing doesn’t mean we have to be socially distant.

We’re all in this together – just two metres apart.

Some of the Sowdens team are still busy working for clients that are actively marketing, and some of our team are furloughed, which was difficult, but we had to take action to protect jobs and ensure by the end of this we come out in a good place. Our team have been nothing but brilliant and understand the bigger picture.

As we ride the Covid-19 wave, we’re discovering new ways to work, innovate, create, and stay in touch. As a marketing agency, Sowdens are staying connected, whether it’s working from home, WhatsApp chats, window chats, or doorstep deliveries, the virtual Quarantine Quiz or expressing how we feel by Creating in Captivity.

Whatever events we encounter, the health of our team remains our first priority. Our marketing agency, Sowden + Sowden is in a solid position, we started the business in 1982 and have worked through many difficulties, if we work together, we will pull through this one too.

But for now, let’s hear from our people on their life in lockdown…stay happy, stay safe and if in doubt, don’t go out.

Jo, Head of HR + Accounts; mum, teacher, cleaner and dog walker

My children have become my colleagues. Daisy, (12) Sowdens’ newest member of the team has joined an Apprenticeship scheme a little earlier than most, taking on administrative duties such as filing, letter writing, mathematics and is now head of post distribution.

She’s even been cooking our tea!

Rachel, Account Director is applying her business skills to home life

I plan my days so I have more productive bursts of work so I can effectively juggle family walks, keep fit and home schooling. The latter is becoming more creative each week, with nerf gun timetables and reading vintage Hull City AFC mags for literacy.

I have a new found appreciation for teachers!

Beth, Marketing Exec has almost mastered the art of time travel

I’ve rekindled my love for the good old bicycle. After putting it through a thorough MOT, pumped up tyres and an oiled chain means I can now use my breaks and lunch hour to enjoy daily bike rides to keep fit (rather than visiting Maccy D’s). I’ve surprised myself that I can still go none-handed.

No croggies though – 2m remember!

Mel, Trafficking and Print Exec has been round the clock on TikTok

I’ve become that person. My Insta feed soon dried up and I got the dreaded and often ‘you’re all caught up’ message – so what else was there to do? TikTok. TikTock. TiKTok. It echoed in my mind like the familiar sound of the old grandfather clock in my Grandma‘s front room. I succumbed. The performer in me was unleashed. And It’s safe to say I’m hooked.

Check out my videos here. Don’t forget to like and follow!

Ashleigh, Digital Exec putting her skills to use for those in need

I’m applying my digital marketing skills as a legacy to my Grandad, by helping Hessle Community Centre build a WordPress website so they qualify for future funding bids. I’ve also ordered a tonne of stone for a garden project (after a few gins), but I later realised I don’t have a wheelbarrow to move them.

I’m still figuring out this quandary. Send help!

Rachel, Senior Creative is expecting a little more than usual

Whilst everybody else has been baking banana bread, I’ve got my own bun in the oven. Going through pregnancy during a pandemic has been challenging – and not only for my rapidly expanding waistline.

Fingers crossed I can still fit through the office door!

Al, Creative Genius sharing his thoughts on self-hygiene

Get away from your desk. Not only for a screen break but for public health reasons. Sometimes you feel the dread creeping in, the apprehension, those voices in the back of your mind, but you’ll never regret a shower, it’s always worth that extra push…

Stay safe, stay clean, stay showered!

Grace, Designer is channeling her creativity into Carbonaras

I’ve found that from the couch to the kitchen, creativity can be honed literally anywhere. As a family of six, we’ve been doing ‘Come Dine With Me’ Swift style and taking it in turns to cook for each other. Luckily no one’s burnt the house down… yet.

TAXI! (Dave Lamb voice)

Sophie, Account Manager is all about keeping on top

Make the mornings easier for yourself. Decide on your ‘working from home’ outfit the night before and get changed out of your newly purchased lounge wear if you have a Zoom meeting or a video catch-up.

You don’t want to get caught short!

And like always, our Managing director, Paul Sowden, has the final word…

Buy a formal dressing gown. We’re resilient, we’re strong and we’ll get through this – even on bad hair days.

Can someone deliver me hair product, quick!

So now you’ve got to know some of the team, check out some of our most recent projects, find out how we’re innovating in sustainable comms, and see what we’ve been up to outside of the Covid-19 bubble.

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