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Go pro film and creative campaign highlight uni life

With a significant investment in student accommodation, the University of Hull called in our education marketing expertise to build a full-service campaign to target current students and encourage them to stay on campus in their 2nd and 3rd year.

Many students are unaware that they can live on campus beyond their first year, with the majority moving to private landlord rented accommodation.

Our job was to bust these myths and prove why life living on campus offers so much more, and support the University’s commercial team to generate more revenue to match their investment through film creation and both online and offline marketing.

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Our objective was to engage students early in their first year to start thinking about where they’re going to live in their second and third years. To showcase the benefits of staying on campus and converting these to on-site accommodation rentals.


Working with the University of Hull’s accommodation team, we created a high impact and effective marketing campaign.

Centred around changing perceptions, messaging focussed on the benefits to students of staying on site; that they’d be better off financially, more secure, within walking distance of all the amenities they’d need and part of the Uni community.

An edgy GoPro film was created, showcasing life on campus from a student’s perspective, which was rolled out across digital channels to create conversations and engagement online. We spent a day on campus filming with real students, who were great fun to work with.

Student guides, direct mail, posters and high profile on-site marketing, along with a clever organic and paid-for social media campaign gained traction amongst the student audience generating much-needed conversions.