Uncovering a historic institution in the shadows

Hull School of Art & Design needed to transform their brand and create a reputation to rival alternative red brick routes. Home to a renowned creative community, HSAD offered students the chance to be a part of something completely unique, so we had to create a dynamic marketing campaign that elevated HSAD to the international arts stage.

With a complete brand overhaul, we dared students to be different. Using plucky messaging and stand-out visuals we launched the campaign with a bang.

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To change perceptions of HSAD and position the institution as a leading provider of higher education in the Arts, attracting both national and international students to the northern city of Hull.


We needed to re-invent HSAD’s image to promote this well established national school of art and design to sell their prestigious courses in a range of higher education arts disciplines.

The rebrand focussed on experience, reflecting on the school’s unique proposition; up against esteemed universities, we positioned HSAD as a place for free thought, a place to break out of the stuffy institutions, somewhere to challenge the current prevalent order and to break the rules.

De-conditioning students and encouraging them to be individuals with their own design philosophy was central to the overarching theme. With a quirky, playful tone of voice, we used a multi-channel marketing approach to create an impactful campaign which reached the masses.


Launching on the back of Hull 2017 UK City of Culture, our campaign encouraged students to study in a culturally rich northern city. By putting out 202 posts over the space of 79 days, our organic social reached over 40,000 unique users. We created a story that resonated with the rule breakers, leading to 135 prospectus downloads and 61 applications.


Organic and paid-for social media coupled with a pay per click strategy lead students to an impressive new, user-focussed website. Student-centric videography, spoke to a wider audience, communicating the central values of HSAD. Events management and inventive guerilla marketing, along with informative printed collateral was key to inspiring a new generation of students, and with creativity at its core, the campaign yielded impressive recruitment results.