Grimsby Renaissance Logo

Creating a city centre ‘masterpiece’ publicity campaign

Making tired and empty shop units shine took on a whole new meaning when we created a ‘Bayer’ style illustration for The Grimsby Renaissance Partnership to help liven up the city centre. Measuring over two meters in length we commissioned this unique illustration that featured the story of ‘Grim’ the legendary founder of Grimsby.

By piggybacking the annual celebration ‘Grimsby Day’ for the launch, it provided extra exposure for the marketing pound and gave an educational dimension to the event.

To complement the mural, a promotional film was produced using historical re-enactment characters to breathe life into the Viking era whilst bringing the shopping experience into the 21st century. An interactive competition was integrated to maximise local participation and enhance the culture vibrancy of the city centre.

Want to create a marketing legend…let’s get started.