Elevating Yorkshire Arts Festival to the national stage

Freedom Festival Arts Trust is an innovative arts organisation responsible for producing the highlight of Hull’s cultural programme, Freedom Festival, and a growing in-year programme of work.

The festival celebrates the lasting legacy of the Wilberforce 2007 campaign, which celebrated the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade, led by Hull-born MP William Wilberforce in 1807.

Freedom Festival Arts Trust celebrates, through artistic and cultural expression, Hull’s independent spirit and historic contribution to the cause of Freedom.


By positioning Freedom as a UK leading arts festival, we aimed to attract a more diverse audience whilst retaining and engaging loyal returning visitors.


As the festival has become a pivotal part of Hull’s art and cultural scene, it was important that we emphasised its position, reaching out to a wider audience and taking the well established brand to new heights.

In our third year of working with Freedom, we focussed our efforts around a refreshed website, digital campaign and eye-catching advertising, as well as street dressing across the festival site.

Leveraging digital marketing, we tailored our campaign to four key groups, in line with the festival’s audience development strategy – boosting website views by 15% YoY and gaining
a Digital Award nomination for the first time.


Digital advertising drove over 41,000 clicks to the website, which saw a 15% increase in traffic from the previous year.

A few of the key results...
  • Footfall of over 132,000.
  • 15% of all visitors were from outside the region.
  • 24% were a new audience, visiting the festival for the first time.
  • 436,000 web page views.
  • Sponsor activation across the site, with 89% of visitors seeing sponsor logos.