“Sowdens have totally raised the bar when it comes to delivering virtual events that make as much of an impact as if they were held in person.”

Louise Smith
Director, Aura Innovation Centre

Launching the UK’s first ever Festival of Green Innovation

At a time when the climate emergency has been dominating the headlines, we needed to launch the Humber’s brand-new low-carbon research centre (the Aura Innovation Centre) with a bang – no mean feat at the height of a global pandemic!

To put the AIC on the map in a Covid-friendly way, we created a one of a kind chat show-style event – livestreamed direct from the centre and hosted by the BBC’s Kofi Smiles – that combined engaging video content, live panel discussions and guest appearances from some of the industry’s biggest names. The event proved hugely popular, with over 1,000 people tuning in on the day across the globe – including in France, India, Africa and the US!

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