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#GrowMySME: A digital marketing strategy that delivered

6 launch events, 178 retweets, 400 businesses attended.


With a brand new initiative, the Humber Business Growth Hub needed to spread awareness about their new #GrowMySME programme; aimed at helping SMEs in the Humber region access grants, workshops and specialist business advice. So we delivered a digital marketing strategy that achieved great results.

By combining organic, live and paid for social media we drove SMEs to launch events, workshops and a new website.

Connecting with local businesses was imperative, so LinkedIn and Twitter were a natural fit. We created an engaging LinkedIn page that showcased the ways in which SMEs could secure funding and attend events/workshops. Twitter was used to boost awareness of the programme launch and by strategically targeting companies in the area. We maintained an engagement rate of 12.5% – 5 times higher than the industry standard. Twitter results also boasted a 314% increase in retweets amongst the target audience, with many engaging during live social media across the launch events.

In just 8 weeks, this strategy proved hugely successful, generating over 692 social interactions and an impressive 400 attendees at the launch events. The results speak volumes and illustrate just how powerful the impact of social and digital media can be.

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