Edie’s work experience week at Sowdens

Hi, I’m Edie Barton, welcome to my week of work experience at Sowdens…

About me

So, a bit about myself – I’m 15 years old and have had the amazing opportunity this past week of doing my work experience at Sowden & Sowden, an award-winning creative digital marketing agency based in Hessle, East Yorkshire. 

I’m currently in Year 10 at school, studying some of my favourite subjects including P.E and Sociology. One of the reasons I like P.E so much is mainly because I play Rugby, which I started playing back in Year 8 (3 years ago!), following this I quickly joined Hull KR the same year.  

When it comes to my interest in Sociology, I find the study of people fascinating; this helps us to understand how different people think and their views on different subjects and situations, which then helps in Digital Marketing because our understanding of people and their demographics is super important to know how to advertise and target them through advertising – this is something I would like to go into eventually, which is why my work experience at Sowdens is such a great opportunity. 

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Why Sowden & Sowden

I chose to do my work experience at Sowden & Sowden because of their 40+ years experience in marketing, especially their knowledge on Digital Marketing, which is something I want to push myself to try and branch out into. So far, I’ve really enjoyed my experience and feel very welcomed by the team members – everyone has been really friendly and incredibly supportive. 

While I’m at Sowdens, I am learning everyone’s job roles and how they contribute to the agency and put their efforts into the work that is produced. I have learnt that each job role is equally as important as the other, for example, designing, proofing/checking through the work, making sure the colours go together and it looks spot on overall – it’s all needed for the final product to be its best. 

What I have learnt

My experience at Sowdens has been really interesting and I’ve learnt a wide variety of new skills that I’ll be able to take forward into my future. One of the things I’ve found most interesting is seeing the background behind the ads I see out in the world around where I live – getting to see how that is all created and brought to life is so cool. This has helped me learn a lot more about the local businesses in my area too. 

I also got to see how Sowdens work together with so many types of companies across the world and how their input in each project really affects the output of the overall work you see advertised. During my work experience, I was given small tasks to complete throughout the week to show me what a normal day would look like for the people who work here and to put my learnings into practice. I can definitely see there is lots of teamwork and communication required to keep each project running smoothly. 

Another element that stood out to me was the events they get involved with, helping to create and organise some of those events seems really challenging and fun at the same time. I have also noticed how willing Sowdens are to help other companies or get involved with everything they can to boost different brands. 

Overall, I have enjoyed the time I spent at Sowdens and thought they supported me a lot through my short time there. I have a lot more knowledge to take away from this experience and it’s given me a clear view and understanding of the world of Digital Marketing. 

Sowdens currently have roles available to join the award-winning team and encourage those interested to find out more and apply through the website: CLICK HERE. 

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