Creative digital marketing to increase campaign longevity

Maintaining momentum for a brand-new NHS initiative


At Sowdens we know that maintaining momentum can be difficult, but with a strategic digital plan in place, you’re much more likely to get ROI further down the line.

When our clients at the Hull Primary Care Collaborative wanted to launch their brand-new GP extended access service (Access+), we devised a strategic marketing campaign to ensure longevity and awareness amongst the audience.

After developing a strong brand identity, we launched phase one of the campaign which included various collateral such as outdoor media, paid-for social media marketing and a Google PPC strategy. We turned it around in a matter of weeks and the service was launched across the region.

With traction building, digital marketing was key to continuing success. Within three months the website has had over 3000 visitors. A staggering number considering its proposition as a completely new and unknown service.

PPC digital advertising allowed us to target a range of relevant audiences by displaying ads on websites native to Hull. The nature of PPC ads allowed for constant tracking to ensure the client was getting the most for their money with ads viewed up to half a million times, it allowed us to engage with the audience at 402 impressions per hour.

Organic and paid-for social media worked together to capture engaged users. By using relevant advocates and allies to spread the word we gained nearly 180,000 impressions and an engagement rate of 60.61%.

As the campaign continues to gain traction, we’re excited to move into the next stages which will see more specific demographic segmentation, increased interaction with GPs and website updates focused on user experience.

Here’s what the client had to say:

“Sowdens devised an innovative and engaging digital marketing campaign, using a wide range of media from billboards to bus stops and with a strong focus on social media. This has been extremely successful, to the point where nearly all appointments are now being filled and with visits to the website and Facebook page still increasing.”

Need a digital campaign that gets results? You’re in the right place.

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