Cashing in on Pokemon Go

It might just be a passing fad but since Pokemon Go was launched a few weeks ago, it seems to have taken over the world.

So far, we’ve managed to resist the temptation to get hooked but with over 100 million downloads to date, it’s fascinating how organisations across the globe are starting to realise that there could be something in it for them.

What’s particularly attractive to businesses is that this craze appeals to a wide age range. The game isn’t just popular with younger children – those in their 30s who were die hard Pokemon fans in the 90s are downloading the game in their millions.

Here are some of the ways businesses have been cashing in on the trend: –

  • Placing Lure Modules near the business. Lures attract Pokemon to an area for 30 minutes. Some companies like Sintel in Singapore have been placing lures at a Pokestop outside their premises and have seen huge increase in footfall. –
  • Offering discounts to Pokemon Teams. A company in the US has announced their allegiance to Team Mystic by offering 10% discount to all customers who can show that they’re on the team.
  • Using social media to advertise Pokestops. Businesses are using social media to announce that they’re a Pokestop, to encourage players to come and visit their store. (A Pokestop is a place where players can get free pokeballs and other items in the game.)
  • Requesting more Pokestops. Regions in Japan that have been affected by earthquakes are working with the game’s developers to request more Pokestops to attract players and give the tourism industry a boost


We’re all for inventive marketing ideas, although we’re yet to include any Jigglypuffs in any of our campaigns. For now, we’ll let the serious pokehunters do their thing (unless you catch any of us out and about on our lunch breaks…shhh).

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