Inventive marketing attracts over 20,000 visitors

On Saturday (13 May 2017) Hull’s High Street was transported back to the Middle Ages when the medieval Hanseatic League was at its peak.

Medieval townsfolk and merchants appeared along the cobbled streets, going about their business, but all with their own secrets to hide… Early footfall figures show that over 20,000 visitors came to hear and see the story unravel.

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural International Hanse Day celebrations, we worked with our client VHEY to market the event. Digital channels, alongside traditional printed posters, flyers and advertising took the message out to the masses.

We smashed our target to attract 12,000 people to the event and engaged people through live social media on the day.

Our best performing Facebook live reached 5,412 people and comments described the event as ‘absolutely fabulous’ and ‘a brilliant day’.

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