Sowdens push creative boundaries on International Women’s Day 

At Sowdens we’re big on creative culture, and fostering a collaborative environment where imagination and creativity thrives is a core principle of our agency. With a surrealist artist MD at our helm, we believe in and support creativity in all forms. So, when we heard about the International Women’s Day Typism Challenge , we were excited to make a start.

Inspiring and imaginative

Highlighted in this year’s theme, it’s clear that gender equality isn’t enough. It’s time for equity. Recognising the individual, and that everyone has a different start to life is the only way in which we will achieve a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. And the same is true for our people – with a team of varying backgrounds, we recognise that each individual needs different resources and opportunities to achieve equal outcomes.

Here at Sowdens we’re privileged in that women make up 56% of our team. But sadly, for many creative agencies this isn’t the case. That’s why we come together in solidarity to raise awareness about discrimination, to reduce the gender divide and accelerate equality. Check out our talented team’s submissions below…

Smashing the norm 

Typography is at the forefront of this design; its exploding image mirrors the shattering of norms. The type and colour reflect the bold message of the movement as well as its urgency.  

Equity in bloom

Symbolising the death of inequality and the birth of a world where difference is valued – this design has used floral bouquets of lilies, a literary connotation of death, juxtaposed with spring daises to represent new beginnings.

Know your mindset

As a feminine figure looks up to the words Embrace Equity, we must remember to keep our eyes on the prize, to continue to move forward to ensure change is achieved.

Let’s get educated

Equity is elementary, and this design takes us back to basics by highlighting the need to educate and implement from a young age. With interlinked typography, we’re reminded that change can’t happen without togetherness.

Females at the front

Built using elements designed and drawn by female creatives, this design leans heavily on the figure of 8, flipping the traditional infinity shape to show that women’s talents are limitless – whilst highlighting the key campaign date.

Strike for change

Can you even celebrate the Women’s Movement without mentioning strikes? Showing solidarity with our sisters from the past, present and future, this design draws a line through inequality as we look to embrace equity.

Inclusivity is key

Not all women have two X chromosomes and by using the rainbow colour blend, it gives a nod to the intersectionality of the movement and highlights that the campaign stands for everyone.

Getting groovy

Using the iconic IWD colour, this design uses a wave type style with a large E and an arrow to symbolise a ‘hug’, wrapping the two words together to represent people coming together to #EmbraceEquity.

Rising above

We should not accept gender disparity as the norm. This animation depicts equity rising above the norm ensuring that everyone has equal access to the same results through appropriate resources and opportunities.

So there you have it! Everyday our team do not fail to surprise us with their creativity and originality. We’re proud to have a team bursting with ideas, who have a real flair for unleashing the creative potential of all projects – no matter what the subject or sector, and this year’s IWD was no exception.

Feeling inspired. Why wouldn’t you?

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