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Hesslewood - the perfect environment to create

Our vision was to base ourselves in an environment that fuelled creativity, so that’s what we did. Surrounded by trees and parkland, historical architecture, inventive sculptures and inquisitive wildlife, a mini golf course and ample free parking, Hesslewood Country Office Park also benefits from a thriving business community.

You’d think that such an area would be cut off from the rest of the world, but with the A63, A15 and Humber Bridge just a couple of minutes’ drive round the corner, we’re easily accessible no matter where you’re travelling from.

Lightstream - fastest place to create

The ideal location for a design and marketing agency team to find endless inspiration, complete with the serenity required to focus on the job at all times, the only thing that could scupper the arrangement is a poor internet connection. Not us. Luckily we’re blessed with KC Lightstream, the UK’s fastest fibre broadband at 100Mbps. With no waiting, no buffering and no bandwidth battles, this also means no wasting time when it comes to transferring data, uploading files and managing campaigns.

It’s amazing what the right combination can achieve, and with the Yorkshire landscape alongside a London work ethic,
the possibilities become truly endless.

Our people

Creative designers, strategic planners, focused managers, no-nonsense media buyers, web developers that speak code in their sleep; we’ve got them all. Together, and with your help, we embrace the opportunity to unleash our imaginations, energy and spirit on a daily basis. And though undeniably fast-paced, the Sowdens culture is also one of supporting communities and their people.

We started back when Letraset was a standard part of the design process and ‘photo shop’ was where you got your holiday snaps developed. Though some of us (not mentioning any names) remember those times well, others have grown up in the age of the follow, the like and the tag (and where viral activity doesn’t warrant an immunisation).

Our brand

Sowden & Sowden Brand Video

Infinite marketing solutions

We push boundaries.
We add value.
We go the extra mile.

What our clients receive is limitless. Limitless creativity, impeccable client management and no end to our infinite marketing services.

The symbol

The Infinity symbol we use in our brand is an abstract concept illustrating ‘something without limits’. The English word ‘infinity’ actually derives from the Latin word ‘infinitas’, meaning ‘being without finish’.

Limitless creativity, and infinite marketing services.

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